Eye and Face Protection

These include items such as Safety glasses, Eye shields, Eye wear accessories, Face shields, (Helmet) Visors, Safety goggles, etc. Impact injuries, most of which result from flying or falling objects, or sparks striking the eye/face. Many of these objects are as small as a pin head and can cause serious injury such as punctures, abrasions, and contusions.

While working in any hazardous environment where the worker is exposed to any of these, primary protective devices such as safety spectacles with side shields or goggles must be worn. Secondary protective devices such as face shields are required in conjunction with primary protective devices during severe exposure to impact hazards.

Body Protection

These include coveralls, reflective vests, jackets, etc. Stay safe and keep yourself warm in a hazardous or high risk environment with fire retardant coveralls, safety harnesses, etc. equipment like reflective thermal bibs and pants are also useful for cold conditions.

Foot and Leg Protection

We also provide foot and leg protection items such as safety boots and shoes, rain boots, shin guards, etc. these items include features like having metal insoles to protect against puncture wounds, may be designed to be electrically conductive for use in explosive atmospheres, they could even be designed to be electrically non-conductive to protect from workplace electrical hazards.

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Arm and Hand Protection

Sometimes when engineering and work practice controls fail to eliminate the risk of injury to your employees’ hands or arms, protective gloves are the primary means of protecting their hands.

When the risk of injury involves the arm, protective sleeves, often attached to the gloves, will do. We also provide many more arms and hand protection items.

Fall Protection

Fall protection products and equipment to protect people who are working at heights. We carry everything from fall protection railing to safety harnesses. Consult with our knowledgeable staff about your fall protection equipment needs

Hearing Protection

Hearing health relies on knowing how to protect your hearing and how to select the right form of hearing protection. Find everything from earplugs to earmuffs along with earplug ...

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Richardson e-Safety Store (ReSS) is Nigeria’s number one and largest online marketplace where you can shop for the widest selection of personal and industrial safety equipment and have them delivered directly to your home, office, Warehouse and/or Factory on time.

We are well positioned to provide our customers with a wide range of safety equipment of the highest quality standard from our leading manufacturers and suppliers all over the globe. Our products are targeted at achieving maximum protection of our clients at a cost-effective convenient, and satisfying manner.

RichardsonSafetyStore.com goes beyond providing personal protective equipment to only individuals. Our ReSS Enterprise 360™is a total safety equipment provisioning solution for corporate organizations allowing them the convenience of a one-stop,trusted industrial safety equipment vendor.

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